One Month Car Insurance In The UK

The first question that comes to our mind after buying a car is about car insurance. Now, many times it may happen that we don’t need a long term insurance for our car and may only need cover for 1 day or a week; only short term coverage can be enough for the vehicle. Are you a person who is in search of such a policy? If anybody wants to buy a one month car insurance policy for his or her car then, there you can find out more about short term cover at Short-term assurance like this is now very popular in the United Kingdom. So, after buying a car, everybody now have the peace of mind of understanding that there are advantages from the modern way of buying insurance that has already benefitted hundreds of thousands of British car owners to save money by purchasing coverage for just the period of time that they really need it for. One can save time and money by getting estimates within a minute through a simple online form, and while purchasing the policy one can get instant coverage if he or she wishes.

What sort of car can avail this coverage?

In order to avail such a policy, one needs not to be the owner of the car. Any person can get temp cover at if he has the permission of the owner. To have the insurance, the car must be roadworthy and taxed and have to be on the approved list of insurance provider. The car should be registered and reserved in the UK, unchanged, and it must not have more than seven seats. These are the prime conditions, and the policy details of the cover you are aiming to deal with must be checked to make sure that the car complies with any others.

Are there boundaries on drivers?

The drivers of the car intended for insurance must be over the age of 20 years and under 75 years of age. Except this, the terms and conditions are similar to that of any other car insurance; a sensible driving record of the driver will be predictable and a full driving license should have been detained for a minimum time of one year.

In the case of any doubt, one should get estimation; it takes only a minute or two to find out whether or not the car would be accepted for insurance or not, and what will be a premium.

Is this insurance expensive?

These policies are intended for brief use only so it would not be an economical plan to take one out each month other than buying an orthodox yearly insurance. However, this policy can save a great amount of money if there is a requirement of cover for the odd month or two.

What kind of policy is available?

Complete cover is offered for driving within the UK only. If somebody wants to drive his or her car in Europe then, he or she would spontaneously be given the smallest permissible policy for any other EEC country he or she drove through; however, this could be advanced to complete cover for an additional premium if he or she wanted. One can also buy roadside support, to cover the UK or the EEC as another additional option. Why not visit for a cheap quote today?